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>> shep: you are early. i haven't buttoned my jacket. >> alisyn: i'm sorry. i do have something prepared for this moments. >> shep: the chickens were very funny. >> alisyn: and disturbing, diapered chickens. >> shep: i have friends that put clothes on their dog. which is more disturbing. imagine the animal feels like on the playground. >> alisyn: it's a pink sweater. >> shep: have a great day. >> alisyn: will do. >> shep: it's international manhunt underway for this guy. he is a suspected kidnapper of a 16-year-old girl. he is suspected of killing his mother and murdering his pro brother. they very serious about it. white house has cancelled a meeting with the russian president vladimir putin after that country gave asylum to edward snowden. what does that mean for
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frosty relationships? and authorities in yemen have disrupted what we are told was a major terror plot there. the same nation where the white house just closed our embassy. we'll have all the details just ahead and the rest of the day's news unless breaking news changes everything on studio "b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a manhunt for a suspected kidnapper and murderer along with the 16-year-old girl. here is the picture. his name james damaggio. investigators in california he could be anywhere, mexico, canada, it started in a town about an hour east of san diego. they found the body of the mother inside a torched home. outside the body of a child, possibly, they believe, her eight-year-old son. they haven't made a positive i.d. because the medical examiner has to do that. cops found no sign of
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daughter. 16-year-old hannah anderson. look at this picture. they the suspect abducted her. they are long time friend of the family. you see him here with the missing teenager. they looked up to him like an uncle. the father separated from the mother. he pleaded with the suspect to turn himself in. >> the damage is done. i'm begging you to let my daughter go. you have taken everything else. hannah, we all love you very much. if you have a chance, you take it, you run. you'll be found. >> shep: up and down california and beyond, cops are putting out the word to watch out for that suspect and for the missing girl. >> live in los angeles, what is the latest on the search, will? >> shep, it's been three days since anyone has seen hannah anderson. last night there was a vigil. they started praying for her
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return hoping she was okay. you heard from the father. other family members say they are baffled as to why this happened in the first place. they say the kid's mom christina anderson and dimaggio were long time friends but something went terribly wrong. they say he killed anderson and snatched hannah. as for eight-year-old ethan that are also missing they assume that he is with him until they prove otherwise. >> there was a child's body recovered in the rubble in the house that was burned out. that is is all the information we have to the location of ethan. we don't know if it was ethan's body that was discovered. we are keeping our hopes he is still out there and alive. >> reporter: medical examiner is doing a dna test that should take a couple have days to get those results. >> shep: i'm reading some people are angry about this
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amber alert. >> that is right. it was a wake-up call for the entire state of california. anybody with a cellphone got the alert. it came in the middle of the night. we can tell you imagine a wild screeching noise like the emergency alert on your phone. this is first time california had used this amber alert technology. a lot of people didn't know what was going on. so before the next time they do this, some kinks to work out. >> shep: thanks. let's get to the sheriff of san diego county, bill gore is live with us. good to talk to you. it's an awful case. tell me what he think he might be doing? >> we don't know. that is why we are asking for the public's help. we neal need all the eyes and ears we can get to locate this car. locate dimaggio and bring
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them back alive. we really don't have solid clues right now. >> shep: a long time family friend. accusation that he killed half the family and took the 16-year-old. the only thing i can guess here, you think there is something sexual going on or what is it? >> it's just speculation. >> shep: what is the speculation? >> we're looking at all the afternoons. what is the exactly the relationship between hannah and dimaggio. the mother discovered something and became involved in this and probably led to this. >> shep: discovered something? >> we are assuming. that may be led to her death. it's all speculation. we are looking at all the afternoons and not trying to prejudge anything and trying to locate them. once we get hannah back alive and arrest dimaggio we'll have a better feeled this.
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>> shep: is there a car description? >> we have the blue, hopefully you have the license plate. blue nissan versa. that is the best description we have. no sightings so we don't know if me he switched cars or laying low with that and be on the road in the future. keep an eye for the car. we appreciate getting the word out and give us a clue to bring the kids home. >> shep: sheriff, good luck. work on this amber alert, a lot of people were weirded out by it. >> it's the first time it was used around california. some people were upset. on the other hand. >> they wouldn't be upset if it were their child. >> put yourself in the parents' position. there are people driving
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around the roads at 1:00 in the morning and those are the people we need looking for the car. we felt that was the proper step to take. >> shep: i don't like it when the weather service sends out those alerts. i'm asleep i don't need to know the weather but the girl is different. thank you. >> shep: president obama has cancelled a summit with vladimir putin. in making that announcement the white house said one factor was russia's decision to grant temporary asylum to ed snowden. that is the reason they did it. just last night the president told jay, he made news on jay leno. he was disappointed by the move and there were times russia has slipped back to a cold war mentality. he will attend the economic summit in st. petersburg but a top official says he has no plans on meeting with
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putin. there are a number of issues on which two leaders disagree. both seem visibly upset back in ireland. remember this photo op? end with sell live at white house. weren't they showcasing russian cooperation? >> it was, pointing to the treaty and investigation into the boston marathon bombings. that was before the russians decided to grant asylum to edward snowden. today, folks here pointed to the lack of progress on missile defense, differences over civil liberties in syria. here is state department spokeswoman. >> we were not at the point in progress on number of these issues where a summit at the presidential level was the most constructive step, but at the same time you recognize there are many areas we need to continue to work on. >> reporter: she says the
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secretaries of of the state and defense but snowden will not be the main focus. >> the president is going to the economic summit. was there any discussion of him not doing so? >> he felt staying away would be cutting off our nose. g-20 is most economic organization in the world it includes the emerging economies. they provide markets for u.s. products. he told jay leno going to russia is strictly business. >> they are hosting it this year. it's important for us to make sure we are there, in part because creating jobs and improving our economy, building up our manufacturing base and increasing wages depend on how we compete in this global economy. >> reporter: the president will spend a day meeting
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with officials in sweden instead of talking with vladimir putin. >> shep: coming up, more on the rocky relationships with moscow. feds have filed charges in last year's deadly attack in benghazi. one more thing. -- my goodness, the list of bowls for atlantic conference. some of you are up and down the east coast, because here is the bowl-l. listen to this, for the 24 teams through the seasons, bowls are military bowl, the 100 bowl. beef oh grady bowl. birmingham bowl and the bowl yet to be named in detroit. atlantic coast conference, have a great day! [ male announcer ] you'll never see weekday lunch the same again!
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>>. >> shep: before the break we told you that the president
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had cancelled the summit meeting about the russian leader over recent tensions with moscow. one factor in that move in the recent decision to provide temporary asylum to snowden. so, are you surprised? >> snowden is a big part of this. remember there are a lot of other things that are going wrong in the relationship between united states and russia. you showed a photo earlier from the sitdown a few months ago. it's kind of a reflection of the bad relationship they have right now. where is it stemming from? look no further than syria, where united states and russia are two sides of war. they are concerned that russians are funding assad. the u.s. wants to draw this down, find fined resolution in syria and it doesn't look like it is going to happen. russians are funding and sending tweops assad.
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there are disagreements over human rights, disagreements over missile defense in europe. u.s. wants to bolster it. russia sees it as a threat. there is to a certain degree as obama said last night on jay leno a cold war mentality in russia serves putin well. he looks tough. he is taking on the americans. that gets him supported and votes. >> shep: what do you do about this? it doesn't awe are to be waning. >> so what the white house has signaled kerry is going to meet with his counterparts and discussions will go on. there was general conclusion in the white house and in republican and democratic circles that he needed to send a signal to putin, you can't be kind of the boy in the playground, do what has been done with snowden
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without some repercussions from the united states, some rather strong signal this isn't going to be tolerated. >> shep: so he said i'm not going to talk to you? >> he said, i'm going to stop off off in sweden. which is not a hotbed of u.s. interests right now. this is kind of where it is right now. my suspicion is this bad relationship continues for some time but on the core issues that russia and the united states have, which is continued bilateral trade, continued international stability in a macro sense, that progress is made on that front. you are not going to see it reflected in any kind of summit. >> shep: wouldn't think so. he keeps his clothes on that putin. >> that macho image he wants to project. >> it seems more like kim
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jung-il to me. >> i hope there is plenty of vodka. high drawl in the accused fort hood shooter, major nidal hassan. is he trying to get the death penalty. he wants the government to kill you? you want to be a marter for the cause? should we let that happen? should we let our government murder him? if he wants to be murdered by the government?
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♪ >> shep: 20 past the hour. the attorney in the fort hood massacre says the suspect is trying to get the death penalty. he admits he did the shooting and he is trying to get the death penalty.
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attorney says he wants to have a reduced role in the case. the court-martial of nidal hassan begin the other day. he is acting as his own lawyer here but the court appointed a defense attorney if he needs them. they have to do that. and they accused him of wanting to be executed and led to an unexpected exchange that would end the trial for the day. jonathan hunt is in. how did this play how the oout? >> this stand by attorney is chris poppy. he said that the way major nidal hassan is defending himself is repugnant, as he put it, and he can't fulfill his professional obligation. he told the judge today talking about hassan, quote, it is clear his goal is to remove impediments or obstacles to the death
12:22 pm
penalty and is working toward a death penalty. nidal hassan replied, i object. that is a twist of the facts. the judge osborn asked major hassan to explain himself in writing. he refused and that is when they called a recess while she considers what to do next. >> shep: he wanted to plead guilty in the first place? >> he wanted to plead guilty to murder and attempted murder but the military doesn't allow that in death penalty cases. is he trying to plead guilty and get the death penalty anyway? his standby attorney is worrying he was taking few notes. he rarely asked for their help on the testimony about the shooting yesterday. he only questioned two of the first dozen witnesses. they say he is basically trying to get himself ineffective counsel.
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we will find out what the judge is going to do tomorrow. >> shep: it's been four years since the massacre. he has racked up $300,000 in salary as he sits behind bars. he is still getting paid. he is an active duty member of the military. the jury has convicted -- they haven't convicted of him of anything. now republican lawmakers wanted to stop the cash flow but any service member charged with a capital offense. i get understand the thinking. they look at this guy, damn -- and joining us is a former judge. good to see you. the problem is not everybody who is charged with a crime committed a crime. what if someone says that person raped me. that person raped me. we're going to trial. he said, she said, later they found out it never happened. this person hasn't been paid,
12:24 pm
you could lose your home, your car, you can't do that, can you? >> currently you can't do that. it's against the military procedure. obviously that is going to offend a lot of people. i understand the basis and th republican lawmakers are sponsoring here, but i think if they want to focus on writing righting a wrong, what they should be focusing on is the victims. it's the victims who haven't been paid and don't qualify for any kind of payment. i would rather prefer to see and most americans would prefer to see that the priority among all lawmakers is to qualify those victims so they entitled to some sort of payment for their treatment, for emotional distress. that should be the priority. in a month or two, this guy will be convicted. he is not going to be receiving any checks anymore. >> shep: you are referring to the fact they didn't consider this combatted deaths. the families would receive compensation? >> correct. >> shep: so that is not how
12:25 pm
they classified it. here is another problem. if he wants -- what our viewers or how you feel murder by government, doesn't matter. we are one of the few nations on the planet that lets the government kill people instead of locking them up. if he wants to be murdered by the government, do we let him? >> i don't think we have seen evidence that is what he is trying to do. >> shep: that is attorneys are saying? >> but what he done? he hasn't questioned a few victims? the fact that he shot them is not in dispute. the fact they sustained injuries is not in dispute. what would the attorneys do differently? i don't know. >> gregg: every time, i remember bundy but there is a different situation? >> there are several individuals who have
12:26 pm
murdered innocent civilians. they have represented themselves successfully. john moe78d he represented until he asked for assistance. hassan is not asking for assistance and i don't see any evidence he needs it. >> shep: to stop a huge terror plot overseas. would that could have seized whole cities and brought oil portals to a standstill. as we approach one year since the deadly assault in u.s. consulate in libya they have filed the first charges in the attack. as we approach the bottom of the hour and top of the news. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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♪ >> shep: i'm shepard smith. this is studio "b." it's the bottom of the hour, time for top of the news. a spokesman for yemen's government says authorities have foiled a major al-qaeda plot, one aimed at taking control of two cities in southern yemen and bombing gas facilities. that spokesman says the terror network planned to send militants disguised to attack not one but two key oil ports. he says other members would try to sabotage pipelines and quote, create panic among the army and other security forces. this news comes one day after the state department ordered all non-emergency or
12:31 pm
nonessential workers out of yemen and warned americans not to travel there. the embassy of yemen, would one of 19 diplomatic posts have shut down this week over a threat of a possible al-qaeda attack. as we reported, officials learned by that interseptember communications between al-qaeda's leader anwar al-awlaki and what are they saying about all this? >> my sources are saying that despite what the yemen says today, the broader threat is not over. these sources are referring to what they say they foiled today the broader plotted to target their oil innings regulations. they are levg to it alleged foiling of the plot. but it's the closing of the 19 u.s. embassies are still active and by no monies there is any indication the multiple threat streams have
12:32 pm
been diminished in the last 24 hours. here is state department spokesman. >> i'm not going to get into specifics from here, from the podium on what was or wasn't a threat stream. our embassies remain closed. we are continuing to reevaluate information but i don't have anything beyond that. we are keeping our people safe and because we believe a threat remains. >> reporter: there are still 1400 u.s. marines aboard a ship by yemen and 70 americans that were airlifted out of yemen yesterday, they remain in germany tonight. >> shep: we have droners and ratcheting the droning there in yemen? >> there have been five to seven drone strikes carried out in yemen in the past week alone. that is incredible pace considering the president in may suggested that the u.s.
12:33 pm
was moving away from drone strikes except in the event in imminent threat to u.s. lives. that shows how serious it is. i'm himself told those killed so far by these drone strikes in yemen do not include any big names. they do not include the terrorist who has communications with anwar al-awlaki were intercepted and led to the closure of those embassies. >> shep: jennifer, thank you. u.s. officials confirm that u.s. officials have filed charges in benghazi attacks. among the report suspects, a libyan commander who said he is at the scene in the attack but not a ring leader. associated press he denies the charges. four americans died in the assault including our ambassador, chris stevens, sean smith and glen doherty. the charges are sealed.
12:34 pm
we don't know what the charges are. that is how they wanted it. it's not clear if there have been any arrests. they don't want it clear. but they wanted them to act quickly and any delays could put americans at risk. which is what they always say. it reports that the investigation is ongoing and remains a top priority. mercedes is here. a lot of things in this. politics of all this makes my skin you will crawl but we need to find out what happened. >> absolutely. first of all, they are saying an investigation and sealed and other perpetrators but it's been 12 months. you would think with an isolated incident, photographs taken by the f.b.i.. we know how the feds work. they swarm on the scene. they have investigators and certainly have the budget. where the other perpetrators if they released the charges it's going compromise the investigation, it's hard to believe. looking where we are today we have one suspect they believe there at least two
12:35 pm
others. federal laws are in place here, it could be co-conspirators if they exist. if they be accessories after the fact. the laws they would be subject is the u.s. laws. it's the u.s. embassy and u.s. soil and that is why the u.s. rules are will govern. >> shep: i would say they are doing their best. americans lost their lives, but they also getting the hell beaten out of them by the republicans. if they could get some justice here, it will give republicans less ammunition. >> other interesting thing. what about the charges. why is there such a belief that releasing the charges is going to compromise the investigation. get on with it. release it and let us see it. if they know what is these charges are, you know, i know someone that is access create ri after the fact. maybe somebody could help
12:36 pm
the investigation. >> shep: it's interesting to me that the government now keeps everything a secret and yet they read my emails to my father. they know who i'm talking to on the phone, they have the government minders around. if you want to know the charges against somebody who attacked embassy, no, that's a secret. >> lives are at risk. >> shep: they say the same thing. i don't believe much of anything they say anymore. i can't figure out which parts to believe, so i choose not to believe any of it. it's like the kardashians. watch will and greats or something. >> i'm not a kardashian fan. maybe honey boo-boo. >> shep: she tells more truth. >> mama bear. she is a truth seeker. >> shep: a huge fire out in kenya's airport today. officials say no indication
12:37 pm
it was terror related. no word on what caused the fire. it grew out of control and fire trucks got stuck in traffic on the way to the airport. people had to use buckets of water to try to put the fire out. that is not going to work even in kenya. no word of anybody serious hurt in this thing. it comes as heightened concerns over a possible terror attack but 15 years to the day since the bombings of the embassies including nairobi. >> demolition crews tore down the house where ariel castro repeatedly raped three women for a decade. it's part of a plea deal that spared him part of death sentence. one of the women, michelle knight showed up. here she is. she was going to release yellow balloons here.
12:38 pm
>> nobody was there for me. i want the people out there to know and the mothers they can have strength and can have hope. their child will come back. >> ariel castro kidnapped that woman and two others kept them in chains and tortured and starved them. a judge last week sentenced him to life in prison. they say he cried when he signed over the deed to the house. and mentioned his quote many happy memories there with those women. trace phrase is in west coast news hub. this is big event in cleveland. >> reporter: it was, shep. it begin with three victims and pastor saying certain over the years the three women trapped in that house had heard those bells on every single sunday. then when the demolition begin, the local crowd of
12:39 pm
hundred people, they absolutely cheered and the first blow was delivered by the victim gina. she was sitting with the crane operator. other families joined in. first room that was destroyed was the so-called pink room where amanda berry was held for so long. the county prosecutor had this to say. >> for ten years this was a secret prison of a psychopath named castro. right now, in a testament to the courage and relentless determination to live by the survivors, michelle, amanda and gina, it will be gone. >> reporter: $22,000 was found in the basement of that house. it was going to be given to the victims but they turned it down. they were going to give the demolition and they didn't want so it's now being
12:40 pm
donated to the city. >> shep: what happened to the property of the house? >> i assume when it is cleared away they will plant flowers and grass and two surrounding houses are set to be demolished. it will be a green space. neighbors say they no longer have to look at the house. michelle knight says the demolition isn't just for them but for all missing people. listen to her. >> we hear their cries. they are never forgotten in my heart. they are caterpillars ready to turn into a butterfly. they are never forgotten. >> reporter: there was stick er found in the debris that simply said, daddy's girl. >> shep: you know what, does it cost to keep someone in solitary, keep them in safe
12:41 pm
in jail. >> about $88,000 a year. >> we were discussing this a moment ago. that is what is going to cost us to keep this monster alive. >> he could live another 40, 50 years. >> you remember what they did with jeffrey dahmer? >> he got so frustrated in solitary confinement. i can go in the general population. week and a half later he was killed in the shower. that could possibly happen here. >> shep: if i had a vote, if i vote ariel castro send him separating to general population. >> i would say 24 hours he would live, maybe. >> shep: whoever got him would be a hero. >> big time. >> shep: we see a lot of awful stuff here, but this is something. >> they bring them in and this is -- exactly. they will bring them and this is a child molester.
12:42 pm
short eyes. >> shep: short eyes. >> child molester and they turn. don't know what happened to the child molester. sorry. >> shep: thank you. new developments in the trial of reputed boston mob boss james whitey burl ger. the jury is asking specific questions about the charges. plus cops say, remember the a python was in a petted store and got out and went through the walls, went in an apartment and killed two precious children? that is not what happened. and somebody is in a boat load of trouble.
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♪ >> shep: now the story, we were reporting this yesterday, right? the story was the python got out of the pet store downstairs, went to the apartment upstairs, fell
12:46 pm
through the ceiling and there were the two boys and it strangled those two boys. well, that wasn't true we're told. now the story is that the python was actually living in the apartment, not in the store. the python lived there. a 13-foot long python. twice my height, weighing 100 pounds, escaped from the pet store --, it didn't. none of stuff said happened was true. all of that was a lie. but it did strangle the four and six-year-old brothers that was and mom had custody and kids went to be with dad. python that lives in the apartment kill the children. mother posted hundreds of photos of the children playing snake cage. we reached out to mother but
12:47 pm
we didn't have permission to show those pictures. we don't show things we don't have permission to show. if snake owners broke any laws. this thing is a pile -- what can happen here. >> in this situation, you are going to see the manslaughter charge. it was reckless and wanton to have an dangerous animal like a python, house in a home with a glass closure without any regular laying. >> shep: what is wrong with people? you have an animal that kills in your home and you have two little children in there? what is wrong with them? >> it justifies common sense. as a mother and father, y would you have your child in reach of this animal. >> shep: can you really
12:48 pm
level a manslaughter charge against the owner of the animal under the law? >> in canada you can. in canada, what is interesting, they don't have a minimum sentence. it could be anywhere from probation to life in prison. it's all the judge's discretion. >> shep: supposedly they are saying they didn't hear a thing. they were trying to stick to the story the pet got ouf a pet store. it sounded weird at the time. that is not what happened. what is the punishment for people in this country? if you keep an animal you are not supposed to keep and it kills somebody, are you responsible for the what the animal has done? same way the parent in military can be held for one of the children does? >> strict liability. here under tort law, if you have a dangerous animal and african python, it's dangerous animal. any bite, strict liability. >> shep: well, it's kind of
12:49 pm
sickening. nice to see you. let's take a live look, the president is speaking. camp pendleton, first time since he visited in office. you can't hear him. he is speaking to troops and family at the west coast biggest training facility. the stop is two day visit to cali. a spokesperson estimates 2,000 to 3,000 tickets were handed out. we're streaming it for you at if you want to hear the president speak, it's at folks across the country are lining up another shot of millions and millions of dollars. they can be yours. you have to play to win. gerri is here with improving your chances. if i knew how to do it, i would not tell you. that would be stupid. if you are looking for nicer
12:50 pm
neighbors, avoid one in new jersey. least friendly cities in the world. new jersey, really? can't believe it.
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♪ >> shep: powerball sweeps the nation again. tonight's jackpot is estimated at $425 million. fourth largest u.s. lottery in history and amounts to $245 million in a lump sum for a single winner. gerri willis and where you play could be a factor are a game of chance? >> as the game of chance. if you want to play, you want to try to win. >> shep: i'll tell you after you finish speaking, i'll tell you after you finish.
12:54 pm
>> i think you should ante up. >> shep: it would cost less than the amount you are paying out but if somebody hits it you have to split it. you could buy all the combinations of numbers? >> there are millions of combinations. >> shep: you would be in 7-eleven a long time but you could get it done. >> are you willing to do that? >> shep: i am not. i have better things to do at 7'11". they have those tetoes. give me a way of winning it. >> we're not going buy all the numbers. i don't play because i think it's a tax on poor people. if you wanted to win. >> shep: i am not fooling, i play it, go on. [ laughter ]
12:55 pm
>> come on tell me how to win, i'm dying to know. >> so they have the most winners, pennsylvania has 16 winners, indiana, 11, new york, 4. i think you live in a new york, my friend. you can sues that. you might want to know the most common. >> shep: i love powerball. >> common winning numbers, 20, 31, 35. think about that. >> shep: that is not enough numbers to win the powerball. you don't know how to play. >> shep: darn. >> shep: i have greatest picture, you had a floppy hat. you should wear the floppy hat on tv. i'm going to bring the picture, you look amazing. >>. that was the only time. >> shep: no, there are a lots of pictures from that
12:56 pm
weekend. >> you are such a suite at this.
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♪ >> shep: okay, rack your brain, what is the least friendly place in all the united states, 50 states, all over the place, maybe, how about this? the least friendly city in the whole world? what is it? newark, new jersey. islamabad, worse than that. most unfriendliest cities rounding out the top five, oakland, california, rwanda, the capital of angola and kuwait city but none of them is less friendly than newark, new jersey. the magazine reports the surveyed readers to compile the listed and some of those only visit newark was a cheap stopover on someplace
1:00 pm
else. newark, new jersey, awful. man, it's worse than islamabad and worse than angola! worse than western super mayor. >> now that is stupid survey. from a late night chat to a talk with the troops. the president at camp pendleton is very out. what he said last night that is still sticking in a lot peoples craw. >> we don't have a domestic spying program? >> oh, really. >> they aren't buying i'm neil cavuto. i guess snowden really didn't do anything wrong. there is no domestic spying going on. >> there is no spying on americans. we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have mechan
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